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More than 8,000 became members at the Delhi, India Book Fair!!

delhi book fair 1From February 25th to March 4th, the Happy Science Group held an exhibition at the World Book Fair in Delhi following the earlier Kolkata Book Fair in India. More than 8,000 people became new members during the nine days of the exhibition. Many people from various professions like congressmen, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and researchers visited the Happy Science exhibition booth.

‘Invincible Thinking’ was very popular!

Like in Kolkata, the book ‘Invincible Thinking’ (English and Hindi) was the most popular! 

delhi book fair 2

Here are comments from the people at the book fair:

“I have read all the books that have been published in India. I would like to read other books as well!”

“I have read it before at a library near my house.”

“My Guru recommended me this book.”

“My father loves ‘Invincible Thinking’ and he recommended this to me.”

“I would want more books to be translated into the native language here.”

delhi book fair 3 imaiSeminar by World Lecturer Mr. Jiro Imai

During the book fair, World Lecturer, Mr. Imai conducted three book seminars. The seminar titled “Change Your Mindset to Become Wealthy” was translated from English to Hindi language, making it easier for the local people to understand Happy Science teachings.

Happy Science was Aired on a Local National Radio

delhi book fair 4

Also, on March 2nd Happy Science was asked to appear on India’s National Radio station, ‘All India Radio’ to share the great success of the book fair and the seminar as well. The introduction of Happy Science and the seminar was aired on March 5th (Sat) from 7:05am.

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