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Australia Shoshinkan Grand Opening!

On December 11th, local members celebrated the grand opening of the Australia Shoshinkan. Many people assembled for this special occasion, filling the prayer hall with gratitude and love. This really marked the new starting point for Australia and people felt that the temple was a place where they can come and grow spiritually.img20111215_01

The Opening Ceremony.

The opening ceremony was attended by many people around the Oceania region, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and New Zealand. This is a great milestone for Happy Science, now with Shoshinkan in each of the five continents around the world.

The ceremony included a viewing of the lecture, “Introduction to ‘El Cantare Belief’” which took place on December 6th at Saitama Super Arena for the El Cantare Celebration.

After the ceremony, everyone celebrated with a BBQ party. Everyone had a great time and the day completed with a great success!

Participants’ Voice

“We have been granted the most holy place in Australia."

(Female, 50s)

“I truly felt the Lord’s love for us. I could not undergo sufficient training of the truth if we did not have this place to do so.”

(Male, 30s)

“I felt something every time I walked past this building. I brought my friend today as well. I have been involved with different religions, but hearing Master’s lecture made me feel as if everything will be answered by studying Happy Science. I would like to participate more in the future.”

(Female, 50s)

*Australia Shoshinkan is located in Sydney Australia. If are in that area please cpntact the nearest branch temple near you for any events!

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