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Master Continued to Malaysia on the World Tour Asia Mission!

Master visited Singapore and Malaysia for the first time in September 2011 giving two public lectures. The first was in Singapore and was titled "Happiness and Prosperity" and on September 18th, He gave a public lecture at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center titled, "The Age of Mercy".


In Malaysia for the second part of this lecture tour, Master taught about the laws that would go beyond the religious background of this Islamic country.

3,000 people came to the lecture and about half of them became members after hearing the lecture. Many people were buying books and donating with gratitude on this very special day in Malaysia.

                     The Local Media Anticipating Master Okawa's Visit


Many newspapers and media outlets anticipated Master's visit and featured the upcoming lecture. "The Oriental Daily" newspaper, which published about 100 thousand copies, wrote, "if you are looking for real happiness, peace and prosperity, you cannot miss September 18, 2011." In Kuala Lumpur, about 6 bookstores held book fairs for Master Okawa. ‘Invincible Thinking’ and ‘Unshakable Mind’ were very popular and ranked 7th and 9th in the nonfiction department on the weekly ranking.

Master Visits the Mayasia Local Templeshibu_small

Master visited the Malaysia local temple on September 17, the day before the lecture. The temple had just opened on September 4th and many people were anticipating Master’s visit.

After Master went to the temple, he also paid a visit to a local bookstore. After his visit, the bookstore put up a poster saying ‘Master Ryuho Okawa visited this bookstore!’


Charity Event at a Local Orphanage

And last but not least on a very eventful visit to Malaysia, after the lecture, a charity event at a local orphanage was held. Donations and school supplies were given from the IRH press.


“I am the last hope of the human race. I am the Gospel for the human race…..”

[Master Ryuho Okawa | The Age of Mercy]

The lecture was a true success! Let's hear from the participants themselves...

“To unite religions together is very difficult, but is a real challenge. I believe that Happy Science can complete this mission!”

(Male, member, 50)

“The lecture was not only filled with spiritual sense, but it was also filled with love to each audience. I was astonished with such powerful energy. In the lecture, Master pointed out all the problems Muslims are carrying. Unfortunately, religion is sometimes used for overpowering humans. However, you can overcome that by encountering Master. That is because we are all one and that source is Master.”

(Muslim, Middle East)

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