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Master's World Tour in Singapore!!


Master Ryuho Okawa visited Singapore and Malaysia in September 2011. The Asia Mission began this year with the tour to India and Nepal in February and March, the Philippines and Hong Kong in May and now we will introduce the next destination.

The first lecture was in Singapore and Master gave a lecture on what was most needed for the country that sprang up so fast economically. The lecture was titled "Happiness and Prosperity".

People searching for Master’s Truth beyond their religious background.

Singapore is a country where people with different religious backgrounds live. But on this day, about 1200 people came to hear Master’s lecture despite their religious backgrounds.

Master in Singapore

Mater also visited Singapore Temple the day before the 9/14 lecture to intereact with the local members. He also visited a local book store after visiting the local branch. 

A bus printed with a picture of Master drove around the city and caught many people’s attention. A full page advertisement was also featured on Singapore's top-selling newspaper, “The Strait Times.” More than 400 people inquired to attend the lecture after seeing the ad in the paper's August 18th edition.
“ If you want to become stronger, you must have sacred desire in you. And that desire will strengthen you... ”

[Master Ryuho Okawa | Happiness & Prosperity- Singapore]

I want to learn more of Master’s lectures!

“I came here today because my wife invited me and she is a member. I became a member after the lecture because I felt I wanted to learn more. I will learn the teachings of uniting the world together by reading more of his books."”

(Comment by Tan Lee Ping, 40)

“I came here because I am interested in Japanese religions and I saw today’s ad on the newspaper. I feel that if the teachings Master said in the lecture spreads to the world, everyone will be happy."

(Comment by Jaya Kumar, 30)

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