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Inspirational Lectures in Asia

“Discover the Universe Within You and Unlock the Power Within”

Lecture in Malaysia

altOn July 24th 2011, Malaysia Local Temple successfully hosted a seminar event at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. The seminar was titled “Discover the Universe Within You and Unlock the Power Within” and was conducted by a Happy Science Lecturer, Sean Matsumoto from the International Headquarter in Tokyo. The seminar answered many fundamental questions in life such as “Where do we come from? What is true happiness?” by speaking about the universal Truth of the Creator and the secrets to the formation of the multidimensional universe we live in. By knowing that we have the same essence as the Creator, we can discover the true light within ourselves and bring this light as the power to make yourself and others happy. The seminar included excerpt of Master’s lecture and a meditation to find the true self. Many people were moved by Master’s teachings and joined Happy Science. After the seminar, many people queued to buy Master’s best-selling books in order to study more about this universal Truth! Congratulations to Malaysia!

Seminar by Sean Matsumoto Master Ryuho Okawa's books are selling fast

“Lead a Positive and Happier Life”―3 Steps to Become Positive in Life

Lecture in Singapore

altOn July 28th, 2011, World Lecturer, Mr. Imai from Tokyo International Headquarter conducted a lecture titled “Lead a Positive and Happier Life” 3 Steps to Become Positive in Life. People from all over Singapore attended this seminar at the International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Suntec City. Attendees were able to learn the practical methods to practice Happy Science teachings in order to be happy in life! Many enjoyed the seminar and became a part of the Happy Science movement. Congratulations to Singapore!

Hundreds of people ardently listen to Mr. Imai Attendees gather to buy books after the seminar

Comments from Attendees

“I gained valuable insights and knowledge for the Right Mind. Thank you!”

“Interesting concept explained very well in a simple way.”

“Thank you for giving practical methods to calm the mind and live a peaceful life.” 

“The seminar was very fulfilling!  I learned how to make myself happy and others happy.”

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