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Celebration of Lord El Cantare’s Descent

'Now is the Time for Salvation’ was broadcast live to over 3500 locationsJuly 10, 2011 was the celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the descent of Lord El Cantare onto this earth and the founder of Happy Science Group, Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture titled ‘Now is the Time for Salvation’. Over 20,000 people attended the main stadium in Chiba prefecture and were also broadcasted live in 3,500 places around Japan and 25 places overseas. It marked the day to offer gratitude and love, but also a pledge to build utopia on earth by spreading this truth.

In the lecture “Now is the Time for Salvation” he showed his gratitude by saying “It is because of everybody’s help and support that I was able to accomplish my mission to a certain degree and able to stand in front of you today. I sincerely think that all of you have made this possible. I feel very grateful for this.”

On top of this, he gave a powerful message to the people in the world and to the people in the future.

“Humankind requires true wisdom.
Humans must seek the Truth.
Humans must tell people of the Truth.
Humans must have courage to shed light on the darkness concealing the Truth.
It is vital to take courageous actions to create a brighter future
So please do not worry over small successes or failures in this world.
I believe it is the mission of Happy Science members to continue to show the right path, the right direction, to people of the future.”

The full lecture ‘Now is the Time for Salvation’ is available at a local temple near you. Please refer to the contact page.

Master Okawa conducting his worldwide lecture 20,000 attendees inside the Makuhari Messe International Complex in Chiba, Japan

Here are some comments from the people who attended the main stadium.

"It was energetic and full of enthusiasm. Although it was my first time attending, I felt people were kind and cooperative. I thank them to make it happen."

From an Indian male who became a member that day

"I thought it was very powerful and encouraging."

From an American woman in her twenties

Comments from People around the World


"It is very important for people now to hear and understand these ideas - the value of modern teachings and the value of freedom and tolerance."

From a female in her thirties

New Zealand

"A very simple message to remind us what our mission is."

From a female in her forties


"The lecture by Master Ryuho Okawa is one of the most important lessons for my life towards success. This really gives us hope to face challenges, which will come in the way of life."

From a male in his twenties


"I agree that teaching “Salvation” can save people all over the world."

From a female in her fifties

San Francisco

"Thank you for the warmth, strength, and for instilling courage in all of us."

From a female in her thirties


"I felt that it was a very moving sermon that really touched upon the future and well being of humanity and our society."

From a male in his thirties


"I felt master’s compassion for mankind. It was very deep."

From a female in her twenties

Los Angeles

"Master Okawa reminds us the meaning of his presence here on Earth. He emphasizes the importance of bringing all the religions of the world into one, and points out the need to modernize religion, so we can apply spirituality to our modern lives."

From a male in his forties

New York

"I was very impressed when he said that we must not ignore other teachings, but work together and unify the world as children of God."

From a male in his forties


"I felt his passion for salvation."

From a male in his sixties


"Master Okawa’s lecture is filled with light of happiness and shows us direction how the whole humankind can attain happiness, regardless of religion, skin color and nationality."

From a female in her forties


"Happy Science has all the answers and the ways to be saved. There is more to life than we can see. There is the spiritual world."

From a male in his forties

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