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Light is Spreading in the World

The tape-cutting ceremonyRecently, there have been 3 new Happy Science locations opening!!!
Now, members, friends, and neighbors can gather here to study, attend services, meet new people, and share their happiness. If you live near these places, it is your chance to go visit!!! Or if you happen to be traveling, it would be great to drop by and say hi!! Everyone and anyone are welcomed!!! Let’s all give our greatest blessings to the members in Philippine and Africa!!!!

Performing the official song for their Manila Local TempleOpening of Manila Local Temple

On July 10, 2011, a new Happy Science local temple opened in Manila, Philippine. Many members gathered and there were also people joining Happy Science. Everyone celebrated this day by offering an official song for their local temple, followed by a passionate pledge to become one under El Cantare’s faith and bringing happiness to Philippine.

The opening of the Ghana Local TempleOpening of Ghana Local Temple

The ceremony for the opening of Ghana Local Temple was held on June 25th 2011. Many people attended and most of them became new members of Happy Science. They watched excerpt of Master’s Lecture followed by a Q&A about Happy Science. At the end, they made a strong determination to become the light of West Africa.     

The people of Kenya celebrating their new centerOpening of Kenya Missionary Center

A tape-cutting ceremony was held on July 19th, 2011 for the opening of the Kenya Missionary Center in Nairobi. A Happy Science Minister conducted a meditation service and explained about the importance of the value of the mind. After the ceremony, everyone celebrated and welcomed new faces by having a tea party. Members promised to bring light and success to East Africa.

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