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Astonishing facts about historical figures

Many distinguished individuals throughout human history have raised the consciousness of humanity with their achievements in the fields of religion, philosophy, science, management, culture and the arts. Why are names such as Jesus Christ, Moses, Gautama Siddhartha, Confucius, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Muhammad, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Bach, Mozart or Picasso remembered and admired even after millenniums or centuries have passed since their time on earth?

“If we manage to get to the top of our chosen occupation, and work for the sake of the people of the world, we will be working in accordance with Buddha’s will and practicing His Truth.”

(From the book: The Golden Laws | p27)

Great souls from higher dimensions

The answer lies in the greatness of their souls. These prominent people are souls of a high calibre; souls who come from the highest realms of the Spirit World and have been refining themselves through many reincarnations to achieve a level where they can represent God’s love for humankind and elevate humanity to a higher plane. We might think these giants are not made from the same stuff ordinary people are made from, but their origins are indeed the same as ours. Everyone has the potential to reach similar heights. The key is aspiration and persistent effort - the sort that begins today and continues over many many lifetimes.

“The giants of this world are the dwarfs of the next”

On the other hand, sometimes “The giants of this world are the dwarfs of the next” meaning that even a prominent and influential individual in this world can discover himself to be a dwarf in the next world if he had spread mistaken theories and misled many people. 

The secret history of humankind in The Golden Laws book

A book “The Golden Laws” by Ryuho Okawa explains the history of humankind through the eyes of the Eternal Buddha revealing extraordinary facts about the souls of individuals, who influenced our history and the world as it is today.

Read on to find out about select historical figures from the Western hemisphere and Eastern hemisphere and discover the diversity of the heavenly world.

(Reference: “The Golden Laws”)

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