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My Tumor Disappeared in Only Two Months

In this Life Experience Story, we present to you a story from a Brazilian who had experienced healing from the study and practice of Happy Science’s teachings, and the deepening of her faith.

Incidents that can only be described as miracles are spreading across the world. This story, by Sueli, is about a miracle that occurred two years ago in Brazil, where Master Okawa recently visited for his World Tour and declared that there will be more to come.

Sudden Illness and the Prospect of Surgery

“You have a tumor in your left ovary. It is already past the first stages.”

In November 2008, I was informed by my doctor that I had an ovarian cyst, a collection of fluid that formed in the ovary. I had come to the hospital for tests because the pain I had been feeling in my lower abdomen since two months ago had become unbearable.

The tumor was already over three centimeters in size, so I began receiving urgent medical treatment from that day.

However, the pain persisted and when I went back for retests five months later, the results were even worse.

“The medication is not having an effect. The tumor has swollen to 1.5 times of what it was and your symptoms are worsening. It is likely that you will require surgery.”

I refused to believe what I had just heard. No way was I going through another surgery!

I already had four abdominal operations in the past so I knew of the pain. Moreover, I did not want to be separated from my three children. The thought of it made me strongly resistant to the idea of another operation.

“Liberate Your Past.”

At a loss, I visited the Happy Science center in Sorocaba to consult with the minister.

“There is something I want you to see,” the minister said after hearing my predicament. He showed me the sermon Health and Happiness, which the Lord had given in Japan in 2008.

I listened to it with great interest because I had not, up to that time, seen any teaching concerning illness. The passage, There is significant correlation between the person’s ailment with his or her state of mind and way of thinking, made a particularly strong impression on me. After finishing watching the sermon, the minister told me, “Sueli, you may possibly have something that you cannot forgive or are unable to stop thinking about. Please look into your soul and liberate your past.”

Based on his advice, I decided that I would cure this illness not by an operation but by changing my mind and by strengthening my faith. Yes, of course there was my resistance to undergoing surgery, but more than anything, I wanted to believe in the power of belief itself.

I read the Lord’s sutra, The Dharma of the Right Mind everyday in an attempt to discover what feeling was damaging me and made time for self-reflection at night to review my life from when I was a small child.

After a while, I began to realize that I was still hurting from my past marriage that had ended 10 years ago. Even after all these years, the wound in my heart was still open and unhealed.

Quenching the Anger and Frustration

My ex-husband had been plagued by alcoholism even before we were married. He was usually a calm and kind man, but when he drank he would go into a rage as if he was a totally different person. He once grasped my neck so hard that his grip left a bruise and I lost consciousness. His violence sometimes turned on the children and I desperately used my own body as a shield in order to protect them.

Friends and neighbors worried about me and told me that I should divorce him. It was hard for me to take that step because I kept hoping that he would someday be cured of it. There was also the feeling of guilt. I felt that by divorcing him I would be betraying a very gentle and kind man. But after a long and difficult struggle, in the end, we finalized the divorce in 1999.

Although I thought the divorce had ended that part of my life, I had in fact remained bound to the anger at having suffered the violence as well as the feelings of guilt for deserting him. But the anger toward my former husband slowly began to melt away as I continued with the self-reflection based on the knowledge I had learned from the Happy Science teachings. Awful things happened, but he too had the qualities that showed he was a child of God. He was not malicious, but was only weak and had wanted to escape from his hardships.

My mind lightened greatly when I came to understand his feelings. The persistent anger and guilt about the past diminished. At the same time, I was motivated and felt, ‘I want to learn more about the Truth, the truth that gave me freedom of mind. My soul felt empty till now.  Now, I want to deepen my faith further.’

My uneasiness about the operation vanished, my mind was calmed and I felt at peace.

Tumer, Vanished

Two months after my meeting with the minister, I underwent another test. I had been warned that I may have to have an operation immediately depending on the results. But the result delivered by the bewildered doctor was astonishing. “Nothing was found in the test. Everything is completely normal.” The tumor that was surely there two months ago had completely disappeared. There had been no medical treatment during these two months; I had merely strengthened my belief and continued with my spiritual training.

The power of belief certainly saved me. Through this miracle, I experienced the greatness of the belief in El Cantare. Having been granted this miracle from the Lord and regaining my health, I am now standing on the stage of a new life. My mission now is to tell others of these amazing, profound, and life-saving teachings. I only need to share this joy with as many people as possible.

By Sueli

The Way to Definite Health

“If you do not want to get sick, have gratitude towards others. If you have an illness, please make an effort to show your appreciation to your family and the doctors and nurses around you.”

[excerpt by Master Ryuho Okawa | The Way to Definite Health]

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