Happy Science

The Laws of the Sun

The Laws of the Sun

Published by Lantern Books

This book shows the way to realize true happiness – a happiness that continues from this world through to the other. Its modern teachings addresses many vital issues including how our thoughts influence reality and the different stages of spiritual and human love. This is a key book of our era and of Happy Science and has sold over 7 million copies in Japan and worldwide. It has been translated into over 6 languages (see below). Read a full Chapter now.

Chapter titles

Chapter 1: The Light of Cosmic Consciousness
Chapter 2: The Truth Speaks
Chapter 3: The River of Love
Chapter 4: Ultimate Enlightenment
Chapter 5: The Golden Age
Chapter 6: The Path to El Cantare

Readers’ Comments

“This is a beautiful book written in universal and unconditional love. Each chapter draws on God's light which exists in all of us. Anyone can use this book as a guide to realize and unify our soul's ability to share love and radiate light for others. If read, it will transform your life, and the life of others too. Be courageous. Share this book with the world and let its teachings shine outward from within.”

By Anna, United States

Readers’ Comments

“The Laws of the Sun is my favorite book. I found it while in a bookshop in England one day in 1997 while searching for something for many months but was not exactly sure what. I suppose deep-down I was looking for the answers to life’s mysteries: What is love? What are human beings? What is the purpose of life? I was not sure I could find the answers... until I opened this book. All these questions were answered for me in one day, from one book, after many months of searching. When I read, Chapter 3, The River of Love, my heart suddenly felt like it was awakening from a deep slumber. “Love is the greatest power in the universe,” I read, while soaking up each word in contemplation. A warmth began to radiate from within – every cell in me was dancing in delight! I knew, without doubt, that the words in this book were the truth. Finally, I had found what I was searching for.

I am sure that the words in The Laws of the Sun will have the same effect on many other people around the world, from all backgrounds, races and ages, and awakens the lives of many – present and far into the future.”

By Tony, England

Other Information

Publication date: 2001
Availability: All major bookstores, Amazon, Smashwords, local Temple.
Languages: English | Japanese | Portuguese | Chinese | Korean | German | French | Russian | Thai (coming soon)
IISDN code: 978-1930051621
Key words: Multi-dimensional universe | Birth of Life | What is Love? | What is Enlightenment?

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