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What is Happy Science?

Happy Science is a religion that has the power to save all humankind through the worldwide dissemination of universal Truth from El Cantare, taught by Master Ryuho Okawa. This Truth, as taught in Happy Science, transcends the barriers of race, nations, cultures and religions, and is a major force in uniting a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented, isolated and chaotic. The teachings also hold the key to resolving the escalating conflicts between major religions around the world.

“The society of the future will base its learning and scientific advances on a philosophy that affirms the existence of the spirit world and reincarnation. Happy Science is the religion of the future. It is the religion that can edify the billions of inhabitants of the world today and do what Buddhism or Christianity can no longer do: bring salvation to the people in the modern era and of the future."

(Quote taken from The Laws of Prosperity book)

  • History


    Happy Science has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1986. Here is an overview of our 20 years of history.
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  • Structure

    Our Temples

    We have temples and centers in over 90 countries around the world that are bases of light for the community.
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  • Activities


    There are always many activities happening around the world, but the key focus is to share human happiness.
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  • Membership


    Membership is open to everyone willing to study, practice and make efforts to give happiness & love to others.
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