Happy Science


The Next Great Awakening

Published by New Atlantic Publishing
Read this book with an open mind because here is The Truth. As we enter a New Space Age, are we ready, willing and able to accept aliens already living among us and those preparing to visit? Are we able to give up wars & in-fighting to create a Utopia on Earth? Are we able to accept the invisible Guardian Angels and Higher Spirits waiting to guide us? Are we truly ready to LOVE?

Chapter titles

Chapter 1: A Personal Awakening
Chapter 2: Why the “Real World” Is Not What You See
Chapter 3: The Truth About Alien Visitations in this New Space Age
Chapter 4: Conversations with Four Higher Spirits
Chapter 5: Earth’s Destiny as the Planet of Love

Publication date: February 2011
Availability: All major bookstores, Amazon, Smashwords, local Temple.
ISDN code: 978-0-9832439-0-8
Key words: Space Age, extraterrestrial life, Earth, love, future

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